83 Year old man who watched his house burn with his cat is to be fully recovered!

On Tuesday a fire broke out in the house of, 83-year-old Ali Meşe, . The fire was growing, the wooden house was ash. Firefighters could only save ‘My Yellow Girl’ from 3 oafs of Oak. The photo of Oak when she was hugging my yellow daughter caught a big echo.

Blood pressure and COPD patient Ali Meşe has 3 children. His wife Fahriye Öztürk, aged 68, is mentally disabled by birth. ther are 35 years married, they spent 30 years of their lives in the house that burned. Mustafa, is the youngest of the household he is 26-year-old and suffers from nervous disorders. Mustafa is the one keeping an eye on his parents because the other siblings live in abroad.

Ali Meşe Talked to, Habertürk:

“I had a little yellow cat that I could take with me, I couldn’t find the other two but I think one of them survived too but a cat is couldn’t get out I loved my yellow kitten I am very happy to save it I put myself on the side I ate and gave it to the cat I was very sad. He said that his 1 thousand $ worth of money was also burned, he also experiences the difficulty of speaking and hearing.

The single-storey wooden house became unusable in the fire after the burning of gasoline to ignite the soba at the 83-year-old Ali Meşe, who lives with his wife and two children in the Ordular Village of Bolu’s Mudurnu District. It was stated that Ali Yıldırım, the survivor of Ali Meşe, was taken by Bolu Governor Aydın Barış. At Abant İzzet Baysal University Training and Research Hospital, it was learned that today will be the end of the treatment and the discharge.

83 Year old man who watched his house burn with his cat is to be fully recovered!

According to the report of UDH, Ali Meşe,who was wounded by the fire in his home in Orduular Village of Mudurnu District of Bolu, was be discharged from the hospital he was treated, today.

Ali Meşe Became a social phenomenon after a photo of him holding the cat he saved went viral on social media.