Does Cats Remember their Owner’s Voice Even After They are Seperated? Famous Cat-Food Company Decided to Find Out!

KAL KAN, or Whiskas, as we know it, wanted to know that the keds would not recognize their owners’ voice long after they heard it.

The 10-year-old adult cat Ku-chan was seperated 2 years ago from the former owner, Ono-san. Ono-san stayed in Sendai, Japan, and carried Ku-chan but the kitty had to leave because of medical reasons. Whiskas (locally known as KAL-KAN in Japan) wanted to know if cats remembered the voice of the owners of the cat, with the experiment called “KALKAN Sound Distribution”.

According to a study in 2016, the average lifespan of kits in Japan is close to 15 years, and Japanese cat owners are 7 years or older. Japan is known for the longest period of human life. Obviously not only the people in the country, but also the keds have a long life. Whiskas prepared this experiment to celebrate his long life and to reveal a special bond between the cat and the owners.

Ku-chan had no problem recognising his owner’s voice even after all those years apart, which made Ono-san very happy. “I’m glad. I’m so glad. I don’t know what to say,” Ono-san said. “I miss you Ku-chan”.

There was a bitter sweet ending to the video as Ku-chan and Ono-san were reunited – although it’s unclear whether the pair remained together or Ku-chan went back to his new home in Sendai, over 200 miles from his old owner.