Locals Build a Town for Stray Cats in a more than 20 Acres Area!

In Northern Side Of the Turkey, locals gathered to literally build a town to provide health care and nutrition for the stray cats!
People of the Town Samsun Gathered and worked on the project for the past 2 years and right now it is the home for more than 120 cats in a 10 acres area and it is to be expanded in to 20 acres in the next year.

Citizens across the Country came here to leave a cat here after being heard all over the country but after a year officials has brought a regulation to only allow the cats from Samsun districts, to allow for a better servicce to cats that really are in need.

This kind of facility is the first of its kind in the the country and creates a remarkable example.

They are fed. They are seated. They are heard.Any citizens who wish to adopt a cat are free to visit the field. They can spend time and bond with the cat(s) they are going to adopt. They can communicate with, establish common energy, and at the end of the day they can go home with their vaccinated and healthy new best friend!

cat town

cat town

cat town
Professional crew with the visitors!