Blue Dogs are showing up around the Mumbai

The Strays in the Indian capital of Mumbai are mysteriously turning blue – and toxic waste may be behind the bizarre phenomenon. Locals were left scratching their heads when they began seeing the brightly-coloured mutts roaming the streets earlier this month.

Arati Chauhan​, head of the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, posted photos to Facebook of one of the dogs, saying she was “shocked.” The Locals have complained to the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, who said the company owners will now ensure no animals enter the section of the water contaminated with dye. There are approximately five dogs that were discovered in the area with blue fur, though there could be more affected by the dye or detergent in the water. The MPCB has identified the issue and were given seven days to clean the river. In the meantime, the dogs are being restored to their original (non-blue) color.Poor dogs are believed to have suffered a reaction to waste dumped into the Kasadi River in the Navi district of the city. 3 Blue dogs

A factory making detergents is believed to have released dye which caused the dogs to change colour. Angry residents have now filed complaints with the local environmental authorities and are demanding action to reduce pollution.Anil Mohekar from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board said it was illegal to release dye into water and vowed to punish those responsible.”We have given the company seven days to clear the pollutants from the site. If it is not removed then we will issue a notice,” a spokesperson said, reports. Vets said the dye can cause skin irritation and itching.