Man Donated $275,000 To Small Animal Shelter He’s Never Visited

The New Westminster Animal Shelter in New Westminster, British Columbia, received a very generous donation from a man that had never even visited the establishment a late Vancouver teacher and animal lover Daryl Mutz.

Although Mutz never visited the “no kill” shelter, he left $275,000 to the charity in his will. He requested that the shelter use $115,000 for animal enrichment, such as toys, treats and special training sessions. He asked that $55,000 go toward animals needing “excessive” veterinary care and the remaining $55,000 be used to help low-income pet owners with vet bills and a program to neuter feral cats, CTV Vancouver Reported.

We are totally blown away. A thousand dollars is a big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” told Margie Fox, an animal control officer from the shelter, “We would love to keep a legacy for this gentleman. I think he must have been an amazing man.”

Per the local website, some of the money will allow two 12-year-old German shepherds, Fred and Ginger, to receive hydrotherapy to help their arthritis.

The rest of Mutz’s estate is going to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund and Covenant House.