Animal Lover Teacher Donates $275,000 to a Small no-kill Shelter!

A small animal shelter from B.C. Just got a very big Donation from a generous teacher whom has no connection whatsoever to the facility itself.

Vancouverite Daryl Mutz passed away just nearly four years ago. In his will, he said he wants $275,000 of his estate donated to the New Westminster Animal Shelter.

Although the facility does have funding from the municipality, it is constrained by a small budget, and a “no kill” mandate that means animals in their care will not be euthanized even if they require extensive medical care.

Animal control officer Margie Fox talked to staff and says they were “flabbergasted” when they heard the news! “We are totally blown away. A thousand dollars is a really big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” she told.

The donation included several conditions the shelter must met, all of which the shelter says it’s happy to abide by. Mutz requested a portion of the money, $55,000, be used to help animals that come in needing “excessive” veterinary care, including things like treating broken bones and pricey dental surgeries.
Source: CTV Vancouver