Longtime McDonald’s Employee with Down Syndrome has Retired After 33 Years of Work!

After 33 years of service, a longtime employee from McDonald’s celebrated his retirement Monday with his friends and family.

Daniel Lybrink of Howell began working at McDonald’s in April of 1984 as the “lobby manager”. According to local radio station WHMI.

On his last day, May 8, McDonalds threw Daniel a retirement party. “He was very surprised,” Wisuri said. “We were able to keep it a secret. He received beautiful gifts and money and McDonald’s gift cards. He was emotional. It was very sweet; it was very moving.” Daniel’s co-workers got him a cake and several members from the community and former employees dropped in to say goodbye. Inside Edition reports.

David Glynn, general manager at the McDonald’s outlet, who worked with Daniel for more than 10 years, told local paper the Livingston Daily  that he “makes everybody feel special”.

Daniel says his fellow employees are his “other family” and that he felt pride seeing how many people showed up to his party to celebrate him. Speaking in reference to his job, Daniel jokingly says “I don’t ever leave”, and is looking forward to retirement.
Other colleagues described him as “hard worker” and a “big help wherever you needed him”.

His brother, Harry Lybrink, told the paper he was grateful that Mr Lybrink’s position at McDonald’s had helped him find purpose for years.

“Back then, they didn’t know what to do with someone who had Down Syndrome,” Harry Lybrink told the Livingstone Daily.