13 Year old Boy with No Arms Drains 3-Pointers in Basketball!

When it comes to inspiring stories of determination, few will ever be able to compete with Jamarion Styles, particularly after what he accomplished Wednesday night.

Per Twitter user Spencer Vogel, the video you see above comes from Eagle’s Landing Middle School in Boca Raton, where Jamarion Styles is an up-and-coming baller. There’s just one catch: He doesn’t have any arms.

But Jamarion says having no arms isn’t going to stop him from getting out there and proving himself. So two University of Florida students fitted Jamarion with a 3-D prosthetic arm in December.

That’s not an exaggeration. Styles was born with a rare bacterial infection that led to the loss of his arms. It has apparently yet to slow the teen down, as he proved in the closing seconds of a basketball game when he somehow got up a last ditch effort from behind the three-point arc … and drilled it.

‘He’s inspirational too,’ Steig said. ‘He gives us hope, you know?’. Styles certainly had a hopeful message for anyone facing challenges similar to his.He said: ‘Just stay positive, and you can do whatever you can if you want to.’

This kid knows how to stunt! Styles, who was just in the news for his drumming ability, seems primed to go viral, and he deserves every bit of attention he’s going to get.