Missing Puppy found in old Welsh mine five days after vanishing thanks to drones

27-year-old Katinka Slingsby spent five days searching for her missing Chihuahua named Cherry. She has been discovered in an abandoned mine after villagers raised more than £1,200 to fund a drone to help find her.

A ‘Give a Dog a Drone’ hunt was launched to track down five-year-old Cherry after she disappeared on Mynydd James near Abertillery in South Wales.

The drone – which was later supplied for free by a local firm that came forward – used a thermal imaging camera to spot the dog’s body heat and found her trapped in the old mining tunnel.

Ms Slingsby said: ‘She went to the vets last night and she’s all healthy. She’s a bit bruised and tired obviously, but the vet was amazed how well she was.’

The cash wasn’t needed in the end after a drone company heard Cherry was missing and provided their services for free.
“It is absolutely amazing,” says her owner Katinka. “It was overwhelming. I just want to say thank you as we couldn’t have found Cherry without the community and I’m so touched by everybody’s help.”

Katinka says that she will either be refunding people’s crowdfunding donations or donating it to an animal rescue-based charity.