9 Things You can do to avoid Cancer!

One of the scariest disease of our life time is Cancer but no need to be afraid follow our list to find out what you can do to avoid Cancer!

1- Cigarette: As Studies show; even a one cigarette a day can cause cancer. So be sure to stay away from cigars, pipes and cigarettes. Passive smoking also can be the most dangerous cause! Don’t tolerate people smoking near you.cancer

How much meat you should consume everyday?
2- Eating regimen and ideal weight: keeping our ideal weight limits is the best practise against Cancer. We must change our life style so wen can keep at our ideal weight and to do this we must:

a- Maximum 500 grs of Meat: We should be carefull about the amount we eat.
b- Keep away from pastry and sugary products.
c- A Lot of Vegetables and Ideal Amounts of Fruits: You can never go wrong with egetables but try to set some limits on fruit intakes.
d-Be Smart with Alcohol: Ideal amounts of alcohol is good for you body but going over that can be really bad and increases cancer risk.
e- Organic is the Way!: Stay away from non-organic, GMO products! Organic is your best friend.
f- Don’t Eat beafore you Sleep: Eating 3 hours before sleep will add unneeded calories to your body and this greatly increaes chances of obesity and cancer.

cancerMake Exercise an Habit
3- Exercise: Be it keeping your ideal weight or strenghtening you Immunity System we MUST EXERCISE. Three or Four days a week, half an hour of rhythmic running is enough but going to gyms and doing more will have additional benefits.

Turn The lights off Earlier
4- Sleep Pattern: Adults need Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday! Turning the lights off will increase the melatonin secretion, which protects us from cancer and increases sleep quality. Sleeping in morning is much less effective.

Limit usage of Electronic Devices
6- Electromagnetic radiation: One of the biggest threats of our century, It is also one of the biggest cause of Cancer. To minimize our exposition towards it we must:cancer

a- Limit Usage of Cell Phones: Especially for kids under age of 13-14 while the Brain hasn’t fully completed its development, we must keep cellphones away from them. For Adults Maximum usage must be under 30 minutes and while talking use headphones and keep cellphones away from your head.

b- Turn it off Internet Modems: Modems spread radiation be carefull not to have them in your bedroom and turn them off overnight.

7- SUN: Especially in summer time, one of the most dangerous things you should avoid is the Ultraviolet-b rays of the sun. Stay away from solarium wear sunglasses and know that sun-cream does NOT provide complete protection

Early Diagnosis is the Key
8- Protective Health Care: The Cheapest and the most effective way against cancer is not getting cancer. For this:

  1. Make Check-Up’s Every Year.
  2. Talk to Your Doctor: All cancers have different diagnosis methods ask about them to your doctor.
  3. Vaccines Can Stop Cancer: Not alll but we have vaccines against numerous cancer types.
  4. Genes Affect Your Chances of Getting Cancer: If tehre are anyone with cancer in your family be more mindfull about your health.

Stress Has Solutions Don’t be Stuck
9- The Best Practices Against Stress: To be happy you must change the thing that makes you un happy or change the way  you think about it. For this we need a better mind health and best tool for this is exercise. We can Travel get new hobies, learn new things join social groups! These activities will give us a breathing room against all the stressing routine of everyday life.

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