8 Best Stargazing Spots on the world!

8. Hawaii, ABD

There is observatories from 11 different countries there. With its perfect altitude and place it makes for an amazing stargazing spot!

7. Gingin Observatory, Australia


Not far from the city it is one of the best places to stargaze and definitely should be on you radar when you take a trip to Australia.

6. Connemara, Ireland6

This place is a bit different then the others in our list, since it also has a little settlement there. The view is still breathtaking.

5. Tenerife, Spain4

Even though canary islands are small when it come to size they have two of the best stargazing spots on the world!

4. Himalayas, Asia10

Stars, universe and the highest mountains on the world… What a breathtaking scene.

3. Utah, ABD

With the natural structures the Utah has it is the 3rd best spot on our list.

2. Monte-Magantic Park, Canada2

With its amazing colours and stars it was a no brainer place for an observatory…

1. Joshua Tree Ulusal Parkı, ABD1

This palce is the best stargazing spot to see the milkway.